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Pandora Radio for iOS updated with in-app monthly subscriptions, still needs some work

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Pandora has released an update to its iOS app that allows in-app subscription to the Pandora One premium service.

Pandora Radio Upgrade
Pandora Radio Upgrade

Less than two months after its HTML5 website redesign, Pandora has pushed out an update to its Pandora Radio iOS app that offers some welcome tweaks, and adds in-app subscriptions to the premium Pandora One service. The app lets users sign up on a monthly basis for $3.99, a shift from the yearly $36 commitment Pandora demands from desktop users, and for that you'll get an ad-free experience and higher-quality 192 Kbps streaming to the desktop — in theory. In our testing ads still appeared, and the subscription didn't transfer to our web account at all.

The app update also adds some iOS 5 perks, displaying your track information on the lock screen and enabling the app to run in the background when hooked up to your car stereo. Users of BMW and MINI's integrated Connected system will be even happier, as the new version corrects some bugs that had surfaced with those vehicles, but those users will still need to keep their devices unlocked to keep the tunes spinning. The free update is available now.

Update: It looks like the Pandora One features are now functioning properly, so subscribe away!