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Negroponte: the next OLPC will be airdropped into remote villages

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Negroponte discusses the next OLPC, the X0-3 tablet, and how it will be delivered

Nicholas Negroponte
Nicholas Negroponte

Nicholas Negroponte took the stage at the Open Mobile summit yesterday, and what he had to say was quite interesting. The founder of OLPC says that the company's next low-cost tablet, the XO-3, will be delivered to remote places on Earth without any formal instructions. In fact, Negroponte said, "We will literally take tablets and drop them out of helicopters” and check back in a year later to see how everyone is doing. Negroponte argued that hands-off methods of education have seen exciting results in the past. The X0-3 tablet is based on a Marvell design which will feature a Pixel Qi display and is set to debut in 2012.