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Canon Cinema EOS C300 first hands-on pictures and video

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We get our hands on the Canon Cinema EOS C300.

Canon C300 hands-on
Canon C300 hands-on

Canon's digital cinema revolution — if in fact that's what it is — is right here in all its photographic glory. We grabbed one immediately after the on-stage unveil, and while we don't have the cinematographic chops to tell you how it compares to an Alexa or RED, we can safely say the 3.2-pound rig looks and feels fantastic. As you'd expect, the EOS C300 is a fairly modular system with multiple EVF options and plenty of ways to grip. Even the standard side mounted handle is adjustable for multiple angles of attack; simply unscrew it, pull it away from the camera on its tether, then stick it back on at the angle you like and screw it in again. You wouldn't want to hold it with a single hand for shooting, of course, but it's light enough with a body and an EF prime to do just that, while still feeling rugged enough to take a short drop... though of course we didn't try it on the Paramount Studios cement. We'll be going back for more, but for right now find pictures after the break.

Update: Video below! Also, take a second peek at the gallery to see the C300's sensor and some comparison shots.