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Canon's other surprise: EOS DSLR prototype with 4K video recording

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Canon announces development of another EOD Movies digital SLR

Canon EOS Movies SLR concept
Canon EOS Movies SLR concept

Canon has just announced, amidst its EOS C300 launch, that it's developing another camera in the EOS Movies line. While this one is unnamed and still in the concept phase, it's going to have the same body as the recently announced 1D-X, but with a 35mm full frame image sensor inside capable of shooting 4K video at 24 frames per second with Motion JPEG compression, which would bring professional-quality video together with its top-notch still images. The press photos of the prototypes include both EF 50 and Cine 24 lenses. There's no timeframe or pricing information yet, but we'll keep updating as we get more details. Gallery of images below.