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Sonos adds Kindle Fire and Honeycomb tablet support, updates system software to version 3.6

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Sonos updates system software to version 3.6 and updates Controller for Android to support Honeycomb tablets and Kindle Fire.

Kindle Fire Sonos
Kindle Fire Sonos

Sonos is making a number of changes today for owners of its Wireless HiFi systems. The first change is an update of the Sonos system software to version 3.6. The update includes AAC+ codec support and tighter Spotify integration allowing subscribers to see their inbox, "new releases," and "top tracks" feeds on their Sonos controllers.

Sonos CEO John MacFarlane told us recently that Android tablets were a priority and sure enough, the company just updated its Sonos Controller for Android app with Honeycomb tablet support — any Android tablet, in fact, running version 2.2 or higher. Surprisingly, Sonos also announced support for the eight-week old Kindle Fire suggesting just how important the fledgling platform is to software developers. The updated Android apps are available today from both the Android Market and Amazon Appstore — a phrase we fear we'll be repeating frequently now that Amazon has forked Android development.

Integration of Slacker Radio in the US is the final Sonos announcement of the day. Slacker's the first partner launching from Sonos' new music API that the company hopes will allow any music service to easily integrate with the Sonos listening experience. The company's even offering a test space called "Sonos Labs" where users can sample music service betas before final release. As always, the updates are free helping to make one of our favorite audio systems even better.