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Facebook's most shared stories of 2011

Facebook's most shared stories of 2011


Facebook releases its list of the most shared articles in the US from this year, giving an insight into the habits of users and the most popular news sources on the social network.

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More data from Facebook's Open Graph today, this time looking at the articles the network's users in the US have been sharing from around the web this year. Most widely posted is the New York Times' look at the devastation caused by the Japanese tsunami, with aerial photography of Fukushima, Sendai, and Iwaki. Next come a few more tabloid pieces from CNN — What teachers really want to tell parentsNo, your zodiac sign hasn't changed, and Parents, don't dress your children like tramps. In terms of tech, Steve Jobs occurs three times in the list, while Facebook itself only shows up once.

We're not sure what conclusions can be drawn about Facebook's users from this — it's not clear how many people use the sharing function at all, or what methods of sharing on Facebook this covers. However, it's clear that millions of individuals subscribe to the same six news sources, with Yahoo taking 30 percent of the top 40 results. The balance between old and new media is also interesting: collectively, the four older publications (CNN, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and the Washington Post) take 21 of the top spots, with Yahoo and The Huffington Post making up the remaining 19.