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Alfred app for Mac reaches version 1.0

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Alfred, one of the most popular OS X productivity apps, has reached version 1.

Alfred app for OS X
Alfred app for OS X

Most Mac users will by now have at least heard of Alfred, the multifunctional app launcher and search tool that does the jobs Spotlight is usually responsible for, but in a quicker and slicker way. It's now reached the milestone of maturity that is version 1.0, and is ready to download for free from the company's website. The Mac App Store variant is still on v0.9.10 until Apple approves the new code, but that's the version we're using right now and it's pretty awesome in itself. Alfred's makers claim that its first mature outing will be even faster, while also adding in new URL memorization, improvements to global hotkeys for Powerpack users, and various bug fixes and interface tweaks. The Powerpack is the paid portion of Alfred's functionality, which greatly expands the things it can do, and it's still being sold at a slightly discounted price, so if you want to go check it out, now's the time.