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Sony 2011 Bravia smart TV firmware update adds YouTube HD, Facebook, and a 'Twitter Ticker'

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Sony Bravia smart TV firmware upgrade
Sony Bravia smart TV firmware upgrade

Sony's 2011 Bravia Smart TVs were just updated with Facebook and Twitter integration, YouTube HD, and control support for non-Vaio laptops. We're looking at pretty standard Facebook integration with the update, including galleries, messages, status updates, and internet links. Twitter integration is more interesting, though, coming in the form of a "Twitter Ticker" that blasts tweets in realtime across the bottom of your screen, and results from Sony's song-identifying Track ID tech can be tweeted out to followers. On the control side of things, Bravia owners can now connect with non-Sony laptops running Windows 7 with a new version of the Remote Keyboard Lite app for easier text input. It's rolling out now, and you can grab the update through your internet-connected TV, or install it via USB — check out Sony's site for details.