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Fahrenheit 451 released as an ebook for the first time

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Simon & Schuster announces availability of Farenheit 451 as an e-book.

Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451 was published as an ebook for the first time yesterday, after years of delay caused by the author himself. The classic anti-censorship novel which has book burning as part of its central actions hit virtual shelves, published by Simon & Schuster for $9.99.

Bradbury has been a particularly poignant example of an ever-narrowing group of holdouts to the digital age, even telling The New York Times back in 2009 that the internet was a "big distraction." Bradbury, who is 91 years old, agreed to digital publishing of his works while renegotiating his contract with Simon & Schuster for the rights to all of his works. Farenheit 451 has sold more than 10 million physical copies since it was published in 1953.