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Acer President confirms quad-core Android and Windows tablets launching in 2012

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Acer's president Jim Wong confirmed that his company will be launching quad-core tablets in 2012, likely running on Android 4.0 and Windows 8.

acer a500
acer a500

We've seen several pieces of evidence indicating that Acer is preparing tablets based on the Nvidia Tegra 3, and now Acer is confirming that we'll see quad-core Android devices from the company sometime in 2012. In an interview with T3, Acer President Jim Wong said, "You may have seen some leaked stories in the media relating to Acer launching a new quad-core tablet and I can confirm these stories are true." Not surprisingly, all signs point to these new tablets running Android 4.0, as Wong notes that Acer followed only Motorola in launching a Honeycomb tablet, and that it intends "to remain very aggressive on that front."

Wong also pointed out that Acer is "the only company selling Windows 7 tablets in volume" and noted they plan to do the same with "second generation" Windows tablets — this could point to new hardware, but it could also refer to Windows 8 tablets. While Wong didn't offer up any specific launch timeframes, 2012 is not far away — hopefully we'll get a look at these tablets when CES rolls around.