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Mobislyder puts your smartphone videography on the right track for $135

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Glidetrack's Mobislyder, a small low-level dolly for smartphones and compact cameras, is now available for pre-order.

Glidetrack Mobislyder
Glidetrack Mobislyder

Glidetrack already makes a series of portable dollies for bulky video rigs and DSLRs, and now it's moving in on the budding smartphone videography market with its diminutive Mobislyder. The device can affix a smartphone or other compact camera to a swivel mount that can be pushed back and forth on a stabilized rail for smooth shots — five different mounts, including a 1/4-inch standards and 1/4-inch ball mount, are included to support various devices. The company says it's just getting started, and has a longer rail, dolly wheels, and other accessories in the works. You can pre-order the Mobislyder now for a discounted launch price of $135, but you might also want to check out the Pico Flex or the Cineskates if you're in the market.