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Sprint rolls out 'network enhancements' to improve iPhone performance

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Sprint says that it's been deploying "network enhancements" to address complaints from customers regarding iPhone 4S service.

sprint iphone 4
sprint iphone 4

The iPhone might finally be on Sprint, but things haven't been perfect so far: some customers have been complaining about slow and inconsistent data service. Sprint VP Fared Adib told CNET today that the company has been deploying "network enhancements" in specific problem areas, and that response so far has been "very positive." It's not clear if Sprint planned on further network improvements as part of its multi-billion dollar gamble on the iPhone, though the company did say in its strategy update that the "very efficient" iPhone and an effort to offload data to Wi-Fi networks should be enough to handle increased demand. Of course, Sprint needs to focus all of its cash on that planned 2012 LTE rollout, so we'll see if these spot improvements will do the job or if a surge of iPhones forces it to invest even more into its CDMA network.