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WSJ: AT&T, T-Mobile mulling joint venture if acquisition bid fails

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The Wall Street Journal is reporting this afternoon that AT&T is talking to T-Mobile parent Deutsche Telekom about a possible joint venture should its acquisition proposal ultimately fail.

AT&T Logo
AT&T Logo

Looking at the rumor mill the past few days, it seems that AT&T is weighing pretty much all of its options in light of its paused attempt to buy T-Mobile USA off of current parent Deutsche Telekom. The latest possibility comes from WSJ, which is reporting that AT&T and DT have discussed a joint venture should an acquisition bid ultimately fail — a partnership that would see the two companies pool their infrastructure together. Details are scarce at this point, but it seems likely that the end result would look a little bit like Everything Everywhere in the UK, where T-Mobile has hooked up with Orange to share resources.

More on this one as it develops.