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Funtendo DIY box hooks Nintendo controllers up to your PC

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The Funtendo is a DIY box that lets you hook up classic Nintendo controllers to your PC to use when playing ROMs. It is powered by USB and also includes a flash drive for storing ROMs and emulation software.


If you happen to have a perfectly legal collection of Nintendo ROMs but haven't found the right joystick to play them with, the Funtendo might be for you. It's a simple DIY breakout box lets you hook the NES, N64, and Wii Classic controllers up to your PC. The USB-powered box includes a flash drive for storing your ROMs and emulation software, making it a portable retro gaming platform you can hook up to any PC. For gamers who don't adhere to rigors of using the classically defined controllers with a given system, you can mix and match controllers with different platform emulators. If you want to use the bizarre N64 controller to play old-school Mario, go right ahead.

While this is certainly a more full-featured kit than the Nintendo-to-USB adapters you can find around the web, there's some expense involved in gathering the materials and you'll also need to roll up your sleeves and do some wiring. It's pretty basic stuff though, and for a good deal less than $100 you'll have a slick little classic gaming box that works with the original controllers. The only downside we see is the lack of Super Nintendo controller support; the Wii Classic may be clean and simple, but there's nothing like using the original controller to feature L and R shoulder buttons.