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iStation iPad dock combines retro PC nostalgia with Bluetooth futurism

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The iStation resembles a retro PC with speakers and a keyboard that connect to an iPad or iPhone by Bluetooth.


Before you balk at the name, give the iStation a chance — it'll take your boring new iPad and turn it into an exciting vintage desktop PC. The box is made of plywood with a faux woodgrain or pearl white finish and houses speakers, a volume knob, and an audio line-in jack. Your tablet connects to the keyboard and the speakers separately through Bluetooth, and you can use the built-in USB port to charge your device or directly play MP3s from a flash drive. Although the keyboard is removable for mobile use, the dock itself is tethered to a wall by an external power cord, just like early personal computers. If only the iOS version of Oregon Trail matched the original's quality graphics, you'd have a complete package. Watch the videos below for a quick introduction to the iStation, and hit the source to order one for $140.90, including shipping.