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TomTom Places comes to Android

TomTom brings its search and navigation app, Places, to the Android Market. The app provides search for hotels, restaurants, tourist attractions, etc. in eight European countries.


Good news for Android users in Europe — TomTom has released its Places app to the Market, allowing users to search for restaurants, hotels, tourist attractions, shops and more, and then get directions to these destinations within the same software. The iOS version of Places is available in the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Norway, Portugal and Sweden, and the Market release brings TomTom’s "10 million place" POI database to Android owners in the same countries, with Spain to come in September. Places relies on local business listing services such as Truvo, Gelbe Seiten and Páginas Amarelas, hopefully delivering better search results than services like Google Places or Yelp in those countries. TomTom uses its navigation expertise to provide directions to your destination, although it doesn’t do turn-by-turn – for that you would need the separate TomTom navigation app, which is still AWOL on Android. TomTom's Places is available as a free download for Android at the source link below, as well as through its web portal.