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Peter Jackson's Hobbit behind-the-scenes video shows off extensive 3D production

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Peter Jackson shows off his collection of RED Epic-M cameras that power his production.

Peter Jackson's 3D rig
Peter Jackson's 3D rig

Director Peter Jackson's been posting video blogs on Facebook throughout the filming process of The Hobbit, and his latest one provides a great in-depth look at the technology behind shooting a 3D movie. He lovingly shows off his collection of RED Epic-M cameras that power his production: 48 in total, able to be plugged into 17 different configurations that allow for shooting handheld, on dollies, or on cranes. The Epic-M also allows Jackson to shoot at 5K resolution, which is nearly five times what you get on a 1080p screen, and he's also shooting at 48FPS, double what standard films are shot at and, according to Jackson, a first for a wide release feature film.

Even Jackson's design team is in on the 3D craze — conceptual artists John Howe and Alan Lee have been creating 3D sketches. One artist draws the left eye's view in red, the other draws the right eye's view in blue; once the images are combined, a pair of old-school red and blue 3D glasses brings the image off the page. If you're not a Peter Jackson (or Tolkien) fan, this video is worth watching for the technical details; if you are a fan, Jackson's entire video series offers a wealth of geeky riches to tide you over until the first part of The Hobbit is released in late 2012.