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'Lost' Steve Jobs interview from 1995 found, headed to theaters

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Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview hits theaters

Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs

Most people familiar with the life and career of Steve Jobs know that he was pretty camera shy, granting very few interviews. Some of the most interesting footage of him on camera is found in the 1995 PBS documentary Triumph of the Nerds, where many choice Jobs quotes are found. Well, it turns out that the full interview was over an hour long, and was thought to have been lost forever.

Surprisingly, and seemingly perfectly timed with a flurry of Jobs press following his death on October 5th, that footage has resurfaced and is heading to theaters packaged as a film called Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview. The film will show in select Landmark theaters around the nation beginning November 16th. A famous clip of Triumph of the Nerds is below.