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The Vergecast 001: Welcome to The Verge

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It's the first episode of The Vergecast. All the podcasting goodness you've come to expect from Josh, Paul, and Nilay — now with a new website included for free.

vergecast 1
vergecast 1

Check out our next podcast Writers On The Verge Of a Content Breakthrough! Naw, just foolin', y'all: it's the very first Vergecast! You know what it is, probably, but if you don't, grab an energy drink and strap yourself in for the wildest two-plus hours of tech talk this side of the Mason-Dixon, replete with morality plays, wildly unfounded assessments of monetary figures, and dangerously wacky levels of Sound Effects. We are very very excited to be here with you.

Note: If you've previously subscribed to the This Is My Next Podcast feed, you should be all set!

Song: Broker/Dealer - Satin Jacket (Asphodel)