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Galaxy Nexus for $289 on Verizon revealed by Costco inventory

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A possible screenshot from Costco's inventory indicates it will sell the Samsung's Galaxy Nexus for $289.99.

Galaxy Nexus Glass
Galaxy Nexus Glass

Europeans already know when and how much Samsung's Galaxy Nexus will set them back, but we're still waiting for info stateside. However, a tipster gave Android Central the first US pricing info we've seen — a purported screenshot from Costco's inventory shows they're preparing to sell this device for $289.99. Granted, nothing has been confirmed, but it seems likely this phone will be priced at the standard $299 Verizon asks for most of its flagship LTE phones, with Costco offering it at a discount as usual. Let's hope Verizon and Google make this official as soon as possible, but at least those who want to jump on the Galaxy Nexus have an idea how much change they need to scrape together.