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PSA: Motorola Android 2.3 phones affected by DST-related battery bug, reboot fixes it

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Motorola smartphones running Android 2.3 have apparently been hitting by a time change bug that affects their battery life. The advised fix is to just reboot the phone, which should apparently rectify the entire issue.

motorola droid razr
motorola droid razr

The switch back to standard time in the US over this weekend may have had an unforeseen impact on your Motorola Android handset. The company's Twitter feed informs us that battery drain issues may have arisen following the move away from Daylight Savings Time, though the fix is a very easy one: just reboot your phone. This apparently only affects Android 2.3 devices, so if you're stuck on some older version of Google's software, this is one of those rare times where you're actually better off. For everyone else, make sure to reboot your Droid this morning.