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HTC to launch a new tablet model next year, try to avoid 'me-too' status

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HTC CEO Peter Chou has expressed his desire to see his company differentiate itself from the Android tablet pack with a new device that avoids the "me-too" moniker applied to most current contenders.

Flyer lead
Flyer lead

Peter Chou, HTC's typically loquacious CEO, has told Reuters that his company intends to test the tablet market next year with a new device. Nothing shocking there, as HTC already has the 7-inch Flyer and 10-inch Jetstream out on the market, but Chou goes on to say that he wants "to see whether we can make ourselves stand out" and build something that isn't classed as "a me-too product." Given his company's great track record of pushing boundaries in the smartphone category — whether by breaking into new form factors with the HD2 and Titan or by stuffing spec sheets to the max with phones like the Rezound — this should be considered a very intriguing statement of intent.

HTC could attempt to differentiate itself from the rest of the upcoming Ice Cream Sandwich pack by iterating on its Sense skin on top of Android, though if the company wants to be among the first to release an ICS slate, it probably won't have enough time to build its requisite customizations in. That most likely leaves us with HTC going after the performance / hardware lead, which would probably be the most exciting scenario for its fans anyhow. So long as HTC's idea of standing out involves something more than bundling a pair of Beats headphones, we should be in for a good time in 2012.