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    MyFord Touch 2013 update designed around customer feedback

    MyFord Touch 2013 update designed around customer feedback


    Ford's MyFord Touch system is set to receive a big update next year — and current owners are along for the ride. We take a look at what's in store.

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    Ford's updating the MyFord Touch system in its cars early next year with a wholesale UI revamp that'll make things easier and faster to use. Ford has taken customer feedback to heart in the design, with more important or common tasks brought closer to the driver, bigger icons, fewer sub-menus, and an increase in font size in some areas to allow for information to be more easily absorbed at a glance. The update also brings new features, including new maps, improved voice recognition, Audible ebook support, and increased device compatibility — your iPad's now fully supported. We still wouldn't call the UI beautiful, but it's definitely cleaner, and it looks a lot simpler than competitive systems that we've tried.

    The new system is expected to be launched on 2013 models of the Ford Escape, Flex, and Taurus, but owners of 2011 and 2012 models with MyFord Touch will receive a USB stick with the update installer early next year. This is bound to please current users, and will hopefully spur other manufacturers into following suit with easy upgrades. Check out the gallery and video below for a look at what's in store.

    MyFord Touch 2013 update gallery