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Sony's W700 Wi-Fi photo frame with Facebook integration pops up around the world

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Sony's upcoming W700 digital photo frame features Wi-Fi connectivity for a host of internet-enabled features, including Facebook integration.

Sony W700 press photo
Sony W700 press photo

Sony's been making digital photo frames for years, but the new W700 frame that's popping up on pages around the world is the first we've seen to include Wi-Fi. This allows the W700 to have a feature set competitive with frames like Kodak's Pulse series; Sony specifically highlights the ability to stream photos and videos from your PC, internet radio, weather updates, sharing via email, and Facebook integration. As for pricing and availability, there's no specific information on the Middle East / Africa region microsite where the W700 is listed; however, Sony does have placeholder pages up across many of its domains for a WA700, with specs that match the info on the microsite. We'll be keeping our eyes peeled for more on this frame — it would be a natural for Sony's holiday lineup.

Thanks to Christopher for the tip!