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Nook Simple Touch updated with new rendering software, $99 price

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Barnes & Noble updated the Simple Touch today with a brand new screen and "Best-Text" rendering platform. The new ereader is available today for $99.

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simple touch
simple touch

At today's Nook Tablet event, Barnes & Noble updated its ereader line with the $99 Nook Simple Touch. It's got a brand new Best-Text rendering platform that Barnes & Noble claims offers the fastest page turn of any ereader. In our review of the 2011 Nook, we found the text rendering of the E Ink display inferior to the Kindle's, so hopefully Best-Text lives up to its promise. Barnes & Noble ranks the battery life at up to 2 months on a single charge. The ereader is ad-free, and to drive the point home in another dig at Amazon, B&N CEO William Lynch said, "Do you really want to have to spend an extra $40 or give your friend an ad-based product?" Existing Simple Touch users will be able to upgrade for free, and will be able to download the 1.1 update at the Nook site.

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