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Time Warner Cable experiences huge system-wide outage

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Time Warner Cable's internet service went out this morning for customers across the country.

Ethernet cable
Ethernet cable

Hey you — did your internet just freak out? Is it still freaking out? You're not alone: Time Warner Cable customers across the country are experiencing strange outages and slowdowns, and the company says it's recovering from a "large but brief outage" affecting most of its service areas. We've seen reports ranging from New York to Kansas City — let us know what's going on for you in comments and we'll keep you updated.


Update: Phyber Communications says the problem was even bigger than Time Warner — a bug in Juniper Systems routers caused an outage for major internet backbone provider Level 3 as well. All appears to be well now, but keep us updated.

Image credit: Declan Jewell (Flickr)