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Nook Tablet features deep Netflix integration, bundles Hulu and Pandora

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Nook Tablet features deep Netflix integration, bundles Hulu and Pandora, Nook Comics, Nook Books, and Nook Newsstand.

Barnes and Noble just announced its Nook Tablet with plenty of content coming along for the ride. Most notable is Netflix integration, described by B&N as the deepest on any tablet with Netflix recommendations getting pushed to your homescreen. B&N calls the 7-inch tablet an "unrivaled portable content machine" and backs up the claim with preloaded Pandora and Hulu Plus services (and free trials). Flixster with UltraViolet is also coming soon with newly released movies and TV shows from Warner Bros. and others.

The Nook Bookstore is expanded with Nook Books: image-rich books like cookbooks and art books rendered to retain the same detail available in the print versions. Nook Newsstand, meanwhile, offers more than 250 full-color interactive magazines and periodicals, while the new Nook Comics offers access to the largest collection of Marvel graphic novels. B&N is also pushing Nook Kids, calling it the largest collection of (over 1,000) children's picture books. Nook Books also features "read and record" letting parents and grandparents record and save their readings. Hit the source link below for all the details.