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Verizon offering 4G smartphone owners doubled data caps through the life of their phone

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Verizon is launching a promotion on its data plans, offering twice as much data for the same price for a limited time.

Verizon logo
Verizon logo

To tie in with the upcoming Droid RAZR launch, Verizon's going to offer both new and existing smartphone customers double the usual data allotment for the same price. As of tomorrow, $30 will get you 4GB instead of 2GB, all the way up to a whopping 20GB for $80 a month. The best part of this deal? Once you sign up for the upgraded data plan, you'll keep it for the life of your 4G smartphone — Verizon confirmed that there's a limited time to sign up for the data plan, but not to use it.

Unfortunately for non-4G users, this will only apply to 4G smartphones — that means all those new iPhone 4S owners will miss the deal. Verizon's also launching a new, less expensive data plan; $20 will buy you 300MB each month, $5 more than AT&T's 200MB plan. The bottom line is that Verizon just substantially increased the amount of data you get for your dollar through the holiday season... now, AT&T — care to respond?