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Music Unlimited for PS3 update includes My Channels music discovery feature

Sony has released an update to its PlayStation 3 Music Unlimited app that adds a Pandora-style My Channels feature along with some welome tweaks.

Sony Music Unlimited Update
Sony Music Unlimited Update

Sony has released an update to its PlayStation 3 Music Unlimited client that, while not revolutionary, brings some welcome improvements to fans of the subscription music service. Along with visual tweaks and the ability to create and edit playlists directly from the console, the upgrade takes a page from the Pandora playbook with a new feature dubbed My Channels. As one might expect, it allows you to create a customized music station based around an artist of your choice, streaming tunes from both their catalog and other related artists. It's a feature seen on multiple music services at this point, but there's no question it's a nice addition. Also improved is the behavior of the "dislike" button: now giving the thumbs-down will skip the unwanted track and move right to the next song in your rotation.

The update is also coming to 2010 and 2011 Bravia connected televisions, PCs, and Blu-ray players via an imminent firmware update, and while none of the changes can be considered gamechangers, they do keep the service's feature set competitive. As for the Qriocity-curious, Sony's still offering PS3 owners a 180-day free trial of Music Unlimited, so if you want to see the new features in action, check your dashboard to get your stream on.