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Fift's $89 T-shirt incorporates microfiber for inconspicuous cleaning

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Fift introduces a t-shirt with microfiber cloth built into its three-stripe design.

Fift wipe t shirt
Fift wipe t shirt

As our glasses or smartphone screens get smudged, we inevitably come to the realization that wiping them with our shirt accomplishes next to nothing. Fift seeks to remedy that by incorporating microfiber cloth right into its latest T-shirt. While the first wipe shirt placed the cleaning cloth as an awkward black splotch on a white dress shirt, the "wipe T shirt" (dash excluded by Fift) displays the microfiber proudly as part of a three stripe "car wiper" design. Those willing to slap down $89 for the shirt will have to commit to placing the microfiber cloth on either the top or bottom stripe — the other two stripes are just for looks, unfortunately. The shirt is now available for purchase from Generate Designs in either blue and black or light gray.