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Modern Warfare 3 launch blighted by Elite server issues

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Call of Duty Elite registrations and logins are being thwarted by server load issues caused by the immense popularity of the service. Activision advises patience and tells us teams are working on expanding capacity.

call of duty elite
call of duty elite

It wasn't just the white PS3 making its UK debut as we crossed the midnight hour between Monday and Tuesday — Activision's phenomenally successful Call of Duty series added its latest entrant in the form of Modern Warfare 3. The new game introduces a so-called Elite service, which helps to organize online multiplayer and tracks a ton of stats within the game, but the sheer volume of people trying to register today is causing a tiny bit of mayhem for it. Activision's dedicated COD Twitter stream informs us that registrations and logins are failing due to the strain, but the Elite service is "capturing all MW3 gameplay data," which will be waiting for you when you do eventually manage to get registered. Guess that's to be expected when you launch one of the world's most popular games simultaneously across said world.

Server issues have also plagued Battlefield 3 since it launched a couple of weeks ago — hence this must clearly be an act of fraternal solidarity, brothers in arms and all that. A number of users have also been complaining of receiving unreadable disc errors, but that problem seems to be occurring on a much smaller scale than the Elite login troubles.