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The iHome iP4 is a $199.99 boombox iPhone dock of your dayglo dreams

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iHome iP4
iHome iP4

Meet the iHome iP4, a $199.99 iPhone / iPod / MP3 player dock for anyone who's ever wanted their iPhone to look like a chunky boombox. It's not quite as true to the original style as the infamous Lasonic i931X nor does it have the ultra-modern lines of the TDK Boombox, but it's a very cool take on a classic design. The iP4 is available in either muted grey or neon pink, and much like a classic ghetto blaster, it's chunky: it weighs 7.5 lbs, and is 17.81 inches wide, 9.06 inches high, and 4.96 deep. Unfortunately, iHome's only provided renders and not real pictures, so it's hard to get a handle on the size but that's appropriately boxy, and it also carries on the fine boombox tradition of running on 6 D batteries, which nobody we know has around the house anymore.

iHome claims it'll work with the nearly every iPod or iPhone ever created thanks to a flexible dock, plus the mandatory line-in for other devices.