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Google VP Bradley Horowitz responds to Mark Zuckerberg's Google+ comments

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Google's VP of Product, Bradley Horowitz, responds to comments made by Mark Zuckerberg about Google+, during an interview with Bloomberg.

Google Plus Logo
Google Plus Logo

Bradley Horowitz, Google's VP of Product, said "we are delighted to be underestimated" in response to Mark Zuckerberg's comments during an interview with Bloomberg on the new Google+ pages for businesses. When asked whether his service was in direct competition with Facebook, Horowitz focused on Google's plans, which are to gain more knowledge about Google users across all its services, rather than how the services compare. Horowitz claims the personal user information gained through Google+ can help it improve the level of service it gives across all products, and described that scenario as a "fantastic success." Horowitz also took a moment to discuss the way the media pits Google and Facebook against each other, noting that it's a narrative that drives advertising and clicks, but that he doesn't think about things in that sense. With Google+ the underdog to Facebook, it probably makes sense for Horowitz to focus on what his product brings to the table rather than start a trash-talking war.