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iPhones running iOS 5 have a secret panoramic photo feature

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iOS developer Conrad Kramer discovers an built-in panorama feature in iOS 5's camera app, which can be enabled for those with developer access.

iPhone 4S camera
iPhone 4S camera

Enterprising iPhone developer Conrad Kramer has just discovered a panorama mode hidden in iOS 5's camera application; when enabled, you can create a panorama by tapping the capture button and moving your phone from left to right across the scene. Kramer posted the details to his Twitter account last night, and there's already been an app released for jailbroken iPhones that enables Apple's built-in solution — otherwise, developer access is required to access this feature. It's not clear as to why this feature was disabled before iOS 5 was released, but hopefully Apple will see fit to enable it in a future update — especially since Ice Cream Sandwich will bring built-in panorama support to Android.