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Tobii EyeAsteroids arcade game uses only your eyeballs to save Earth

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EyeAsteroids is a new stand-up arcade cabinet which is played using only the movements of the player's eyes for input.

Tobii EyeAsteroids
Tobii EyeAsteroids

Older gamers may roll their eyes at today's newfangled graphics, but if they do so in front of Tobii's new arcade game they might accidentally shoot off lasers — EyeAsteroids is played using only the movements of the player's eyes for input. Tobii is known for working on eye control schemes, and the company worked with Lenovo earlier this year to develop an impressive prototype laptop with built-in eye control systems. EyeAsteroids is a riff on the classic Asteroids arcade game, except with a modern technological twist that Tobii says allows for nearly no time gap between decision and action. EyeAsteroids' hardware is also probably a little beefier than your old-school Asteroids cabinet: It's stuffed with an Intel Core 2 Quad Q8400 processor, an Nvidia GF 405 video card, and runs on Windows 7. Only a single EyeAsteroids cabinet is touring the world at the moment, but if you've got deep pockets, you can purchase one of only fifty available units for $15,000.

Motion control schemes have been all the rage since the Wii was introduced — Microsoft and Sony followed with big bets on motion input — but Tobii's might be the first which actually burns fewer calories than using a gamepad.