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Eric Schmidt: Android work began before the iPhone, Google remains a great innovator

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Google's Eric Schmidt has refuted Steve Jobs' claims that Android copied the iPhone's OS by asserting that "the Android efforts started before the iPhone efforts."

t-mobile g2
t-mobile g2

Google's Eric Schmidt is over in South Korea right now, meeting with country officials and performing an ambassadorial role for his company, but questions about the contest between Android and iOS have not abated. When faced with queries about Steve Jobs' allegation, as articulated in his recent biography by Walter Isaacson, that the Android OS copied Apple's iPhone, Schmidt replied that "the Android efforts started before the iPhone efforts." Going on to express his great sadness at Jobs' passing and describing him as a "fantastic human being," Schmidt says that he "decided not to comment on comments that are written in the book after [Jobs'] death." Still, the Google chairman doesn't see much reason to apologize for Android's existence and sees his company as continuing to be a great innovator. For more on his trip to Korea, hit the source link.