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Boxee Box live TV integration revealed in unreleased Boxee 1.5 update

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Judging from a GigaOm preview of the Boxee Box 1.5 update, it will soon be able to recieve TV broadcasts using a USB TV tuner.

Boxee Box
Boxee Box

It seems the Boxee Box will soon be able to receive TV broadcasts, as GigaOm discovered the feature in the unreleased Boxee 1.5 software update. A preview video shows that selecting Live TV brings up a dialog which tells you to connect an antenna or cable to the "Live TV dongle" and asks for your location so it can download a program guide. The software also allows you to "share your viewership," though it's unclear exactly what that means. GigaOm was unable to receive any channels with an EyeTV One TV tuner, so it might only be compatible with an official Live TV dongle we can only assume would be released soon after the update. Although it's doubtful this will work with your paid cable service, we'll probably know for sure when an official announcement is made. Seeing as Google TV was also recently updated, your choices for connected TV viewing finally seem to be improving. Watch the video after the break.