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Sanho CloudFTP hands-on

Sanho CloudFTP hands-on


Sanho's CloudFTP is a small box that takes any USB storage device and makes its contents accessible wirelessly through iOS, Android, and HTML apps.

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Storing files in the cloud might be all the rage, but Sanho's CloudFTP has much smaller ambitions: it's a small box that takes any USB storage device (phones, computers, cameras, hard drives, and the like) and makes its contents accessible wirelessly. Any Wi-Fi-enabled device can connect to the network created by CloudFTP, and stream or transfer the device's contents via HTML5, Android and iOS apps. It can also back files up automatically to, Dropbox or iCloud, though the reps were more than a little vague on how exactly that would work.

CloudFTP will be available in January for $69.99, though reps told us it might be $99.99 if their stunt Kickstarter project doesn't get funded. We got to play with a very early version at CES Unveiled in New York, and though what we saw was mostly FTP-based and relatively kludgy to use, it seemed to work. Hit the gallery below for a few more shots of CloudFTP in action.