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Apple settles MagSafe 'strain relief' lawsuit; get cash if you replaced a frayed AC adapter

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An Apple class action settlement means refunds, for customers who paid to replace faulty AC adapters.

ggrider magsafe apple flawed strain relief
ggrider magsafe apple flawed strain relief

Apple has been replacing faulty MagSafe adapters for three years now, but if you paid real dollars to get yours fixed, you may be owed all or part of your money back. The Cupertino computer company recently settled with the plaintiffs in a class action lawsuit which alleged that the old T adapters were dangerously defective — they'd separate near the connector, like the picture above — and under the settlement terms, anyone who purchased a replacement adapter is owed up to $79. Just how much depends on when the replacement was purchased, relative to when the MacBook was bought, and of course you'll need to file some paperwork. Hope you kept your receipts! Find all the terms, conditions and claim forms you need at our source links.

Image Credit: ggrider