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Biscotti video conferencing camera puts Grandma on your TV for $199

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The Biscotti video conferencing camera tries to make living room video chat simple.

biscotti large
biscotti large

We've seen plenty of failed home video conferencing cameras ideas come and go, but that sad history hasn't deterred Biscotti — the startup just announced a $199 video camera that sits on top of your TV and can call both other Biscotti units as well as phones, tablets, and PCs using Google Talk. The camera itself is fairly clever: it sits between your TV and cable box's HDMI connection, allowing it to overlay its menus and UI on top of whatever you're watching. You can also set it to auto-answer calls and even automatically turn on your components using HDMI-CEC control, so it's fairly parent- and grandparent-friendly. We got a brief chance to play with it and the menus and interface seemed well-thought-out and complete, but we'll wait to comment on video quality when we actually get a review unit.