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PayPal Android app update enables payments through NFC

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PayPal releases a 3.0 update for its Android app, which enables direct mobile payments by tapping two NFC-equipped phones together.

Paypal Android NFC
Paypal Android NFC

Sick of carrying paper bills, little metal coins, plastic credit cards, or anything besides a driver's license in your wallet? Then you'll be glad to know that PayPal's 3.0 update to its Android app fulfills the promise it made back in July to enable peer-to-peer payments through NFC. To receive payment, you start by entering an amount on the "Request Money" widget included with PayPal's app. After that, you tap your phone's NFC sensor up against another NFC-enabled Android phone, whose owner then enters his or her password to finish the transaction and send the funds directly to your PayPal account. This is essentially a simplified version of the Bump technology that's been available since the app's release, except that it's only available for NFC phones. In the US, that means you're stuck tapping phones with owners of the Nexus S, Amaze 4G, or the upcoming Galaxy Nexus, though more companies are signed on to release NFC phones in the near future. The update is now available on the Android Market — find it at the source link below.