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Mad Catz Cyborg MMO 7 gaming mouse: 78 programmable commands over 13 buttons

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Mad Catz has tweaked its Rat design for MMO players

Mad Catz Cyborg MMO 7
Mad Catz Cyborg MMO 7

Mad Catz' new Cyborg mouse may look a lot like the Rat 7, complete with customizable frame, but the MMO 7 may represent enough of an upgrade to turn the heads of the MMO crowd when it arrives next month.

The MMO 7 includes the same weight-adjusting system, switchable palm rests and pinkie grips as the Rat 7, but with a dual-eye 6400 DPI sensor and loads of new inputs in the same chassis. How many more? Try 13 programmable buttons, modified by the actions of a two-way shift button and a three-position switch, to deliver a total of 78 definable commands — and each of your WoW abilities can be dragged and dropped into place with a special plug-in. It's not just about sheer macro potential, though, but also the way those inputs are placed. In this case, five of them are on a single five-way stick right under your thumb, and both the left and right mouse buttons have dedicated lock buttons to reduce clicking fatigue. We can't tell you how much that kind of flexibility will cost you, but it may not take long to find out. Mad Catz promises more details next week. We'll let you know!

Update: Mad Catz says the MMO 7 is coming in January 2012.