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Gmail app for BlackBerry end-of-life coming November 22nd

Gmail app for BlackBerry end-of-life coming November 22nd


Google is shutting down its Gmail app for BlackBerry, opting instead to focus its efforts on HTML 5.

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Google has announced that it will "end support for the Gmail App for Blackberry" on November 22nd. While users who have already downloaded and installed the app will be able to continue to use it after that date, Gmail will cut off downloads and also, obviously, support for the app after that date. As a replacement, Google suggest that it has a "great Gmail experience" in the mobile browser and will be focusing its efforts there in the future. There's always the native BlackBerry email app too, of course, but it doesn't provide full access to Gmail-specific features like starring, archiving, multiple labels, and most of all full account search — though RIM's Enhanced Gmail Plug-In for its native email client does support those features.

BlackBerry users worried about support for other Google offerings should note that Google isn't shutting down other apps, continuing support for the Google Apps connector for Google Apps users, as well as its BlackBerry Calendar/Sync app.

The move comes on the heels of Google's release (and subsequent yanking) of a Gmail app for iOS. While it's hard not to see this as a slight on the BlackBerry platform, it's worth noting that the Gmail app for BlackBerry was already looking a little long in the tooth. Regardless, if the app is important to you, download it before the 22nd or learn to love other options.