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JBL OnBeat Air brings AirPlay support for an extra $100

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JBL has launched an update to its OnBeat range, with the new OnBeat Air.

JBL OnBeat Air (formatted)
JBL OnBeat Air (formatted)

JBL is launching an update to its OnBeat range today with the new OnBeat Air. The only apparent difference between this and the older model is support for Apple's growing AirPlay standard, which allows you to stream music from any of your iOS devices or iTunes direct to the dock. The remainder of the specifications are unchanged, meaning there's a hefty $100 premium over the non-AirPlay model. This isn't uncommon though, as AirPlay speakers have long enjoyed exorbitant pricing.

The dock itself has a pair of JBL's own Phoenix II full-range drivers powered by a 7.5-watt-per-channel amplifier. The company claims a range of 70Hz - 20kHz, and we're seeing no sign of any bass ports, so we wouldn't expect much in the way of low-end power or volume. It's available now for $249.99.