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Motorola Defy ruled not rugged enough, must change advertising

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The Advertising Standards Authority has ruled that Motorola made claims that it couldn't back up in advertising for the Motorola Defy.

Motorola Defy
Motorola Defy

Apparently the Motorola Defy isn't tough enough for the Advertising Standards Authority. Three users complained to the ASA about the screens on their phones breaking, and after the ASA's investigation, Motorola must change its marketing messages for the Defy, specifically the claims that the phone is "dance floor proof," "pool party proof," and "life proof." The ASA outlines Motorola's thorough testing and acknowledges that "testing was conducted in circumstances designed to be more extreme than were likely to be encountered by consumers," but Moto does admit that it "could not cater for every eventuality," so the ads have to change. Seeing as how the Defy is a year old now, this shouldn't impact Motorola's marketing plans significantly, though it'll want to be cautious about how it positions the Defy+. Despite the ASA insisting the ads be modified, you can find the original version on YouTube, though we can't say for how long.