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SD cards to get secure and smart apps from the SD Association

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The SD Association is planning to develop technology that will allow SD cards to carry smart and secure apps to allow for technology like mobile payments.

SD card (from Flickr)
SD card (from Flickr)

SD cards will soon be used for more than storing files — the SD Association is working on technology that would allow them to securely hold all types of information, which would enable new types of applications and services. Rather than holding photos or music, SD cards would store secure services, from crucial information like your identification and your bank info, to more frivolous things like music or TV subscriptions. These services would be tied to your SD card and require you to authenticate your device to access them — so if you lost your card, a stranger picking it up wouldn't simply be able to use your credit cards by dropping it into their phone.

The SD Association played up mobile payments heavily in its press release, with good cause — it estimates that 80 percent of phones with removable memory use the SD standard, so there's a big market of phones that may be able to take advantage of this implementation. While there's no news on when these services might start being implemented, it's exciting to think that the SD slot on our devices will soon be capable of more than it is today.