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Packard Bell claims new PB oneTwo is the 'slimmest ever all-in-one PC'

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Packard Bell oneTwo
Packard Bell oneTwo

Packard Bell may be long gone from American shores, but it's still running in Europe, and has just announced the PB oneTwo, a 21.5- or 23-inch all-in-one, available later this month for £599 or £699. The company claims the model is the slimmest all-in-one ever, but doesn't actually specify the thickness, just saying it's 65 percent as deep as an unspecified predecessor. A review of last year's model at PCPro gives the thickness as 182mm (7.12 inches), so the new one should be 118mm (4.65 inches). While thin, there are thinner all-in-ones, depending on how you measure. The Lenovo IdeaCentre A300 has a screen depth of just 18.5mm (0.73 inches), but it had a footprint significantly bigger than that. Still, we'd wager that if you were to see them on someone's desk, you'd call the IdeaCentre significantly thinner than the oneTwo. Without a more clear-cut claim to fame, the oneTwo may struggle to get noticed, though we've reached out to Packard Bell for more concrete details on the size of the computer. We will update this post if / when we hear back.

Update: We heard back, and the official of the 21.5-inch model is 120mm (4.72 inches) and for the 23-inch version it's 129mm (5.08 inches). That makes our estimates pretty much dot on.