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Amazon to acquire Yap, move into speech recognition?

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Amazon appears to be buying speech recognition startup Yap, in a possible move against Apple's Siri technology

amazon buys yap
amazon buys yap

Could Amazon's latest acquisition signal a possible move against Apple's Siri? CLTBlog thinks so, and has highlighted a deal that seems to indicate a buyout of Yap. The startup provided voicemail-to-text transcription on iOS and Android devices until its beta service was discontinued last month, and Microsoft had previously tapped its technology for its Talk to Text BlackBerry app. According to CLTBlog, it held intellectual property that "reached far beyond" the previous application in its beta service.

The deal has yet to be publicly confirmed by either party, but we're seeing from an SEC filing that Yap will merge with Dion Acquisition Sub Inc., a company that, as The Atlantic points out, "happens to be headquartered at 410 Terry Avenue in Seattle, Washington, an building." A shell company, perhaps? Of course, none of the new Kindle devices actually have microphones, and the latest $79 model even dropped the previously standard text-to-speech function, so it may be a while before we see the fruits of Amazon's plans.