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Amazon launches Spanish and Italian Kindle stores and native-language Kindle hardware

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Amazon just announced it will be opening Spanish and Italian-language Kindle Stores as well as offering native-language Kindle hardware, all of which is available now.

Kindle Spain Italy
Kindle Spain Italy

Amazon's expanding the Kindle empire across Europe: after arriving in Germany and France earlier this year, Amazon is now launching in Spain and Italy. Spainish readers now have access to over 22,000 Spanish ebooks in the Kindle store, while Italy is getting 16,000 Italian ebooks; both countries are getting access to hundreds of free native-language ebooks as well. In all, Amazon's offering readers in those countries about 900,000 books, so the majority of the selection is still English-only. As for hardware, the standard Kindle is in stock now, priced at €99. That'll have to do for this holiday season — there's still no word on when the Kindle Touch and Kindle Fire are coming to Europe.