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BBC iPlayer app for iPad released in Canada, costs C$8.99 a month

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BBC's Global iPlayer app, which streams a wide variety of classic and current BBC programming, is now available in Canada for $8.99 per month.

BBC Global iPlayer app
BBC Global iPlayer app

The BBC's iPlayer app for the iPad is living up to its name a little more now — it just launched in Canada, offering streaming BBC content for C$8.99 per month or a C$84.99 annual subscription. In an effort to stimulate new subscribers, the BBC also announced that it'll be offering one piece of free programming every day through Christmas Day, giving users across the globe an opportunity to try the app out risk-free. The Global iPlayer, which launched earlier this year in Europe and has since made its way to Australia, currently offers up a wide selection of classic and current BBC shows for streaming over Wi-Fi or 3G, as well as offline viewing for downloaded content. At the moment, Canada is the only North American country where this app is available — those of us stateside will have to stream our Doctor Who through Netflix, for now.